A Coffee and Pastry Go A Long Way

Drip, drip, drip. Cups clink as the staff hustles around behind the counter to fill the hungry customer’s wants and needs. Cha-Ch’ing. The cash register rings up order after order while the overhead smooth jazz softens the mood.

While couples laugh over a glistening pastry and dark blue mugs filled to the brim with steaming hot coffee, the sweet aroma of fresh croissants fills the brightly painted café. Ring, ring, ring goes the phone as orders come in from all directions. “Vanilla latte, pick up for vanilla latte,” the waiter says, loudly.

A man hunches over his mug at the window keeps looking around, almost in a state of paranoia. Bags under his eyes and a book open on the counter; he stops reading ever so often and strokes his goatee, pondering what he had just read.

Two seats over, a woman with a silver bob reads the Register-Guard, sipping her paper to-go cup coffee. She ruffles the pages as she skims the front section of the paper, creases parts to get a better look and with every page turn, she takes a drink of her coffee.

A family of three strolls into the café and proceed to the counter. The parents are fashioning jeans and different colored weather-proof tops. Their son, in a dark blue sweatshirt and green and yellow sweatpants, says, “I’m faster than a rabbit.” His father chuckles and says, “No, I don’t think you’re faster than a rabbit, buddy.”

A college student in her comfortable sweats unpacks her black briefcase revealing her white Mac Book, spiral notebook and lime green headphones. Sipping her bowl-size cup of black coffee, she bobs her head to her music and begins to type.

Behind her, a couple makes playful eyes at each other from across the small square table. The hushed conversation only illuminates when the girl flirtatiously giggles. The sultry couple slowly picks at their pastries, but each makes sure to take slow bites off of their forks.

A second couple steps into the shop and their chemistry lightens the room. They move together along the front counter, pointing out different pastries they want to try. At the register, the woman starts to dig in her purse until her boyfriend gently touches her signaling her to stop. He pulls out his wallet and pays for the entire meal.

It is all just another day at Sweet Life Patisserie.

About kadupont

Journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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