Detroit Lion Insiders–Post Two

The 2011-2012 NFL season is underway and now Detroit Lion fans can get live game scores, updates on injuries and players, and more all through Twitter. Especially, on Sunday mornings tweeters can give opinions and updates on key plays that happen throughout the game. The Lions are coming off their first loss 25-19 to the San Francisco 49ers. Also, the head coaches were involved in a scuffle after the game, which caused both teams to be broken up by team officials and referees.

@freeplions is the official Twitter for Detroit Free Press beat writer Dave Birkett. Birkett is known for updating his followers with all the latest news and injuries that occur during practice and games. Throughout the game Birkett provides updates on every major play during the Lions games. During the week, he tweets about interesting videos or articles written on the Detroit Lions. Birkett also does a good job of keeping fans up to date with all the other news that is happening in the NFL. Here were some of Birkett’s tweets during the Lion’s loss today at home:

The Detroit Lions are now 5-1 after today’s loss, but the media is still very passionate and enthusiastic about the upcoming games. There were many tweets today about the game and one of those tweeters was Tim Twentyman who writes for Detroit News. Twentyman comments on the game and gives his analysis of key plays that happen. Twentyman also comments on other people’s opinions that tweet to him. Twentyman is important person to follow because he brings a lot of analysis after Lion’s games. One main reason it is important to follow Twentyman is because he tweets news updates about the Lions throughout the game.

The next important person to follow is Paula Pasche of The Oakland Press. Pasche is your one way stop for all Detroit Lion news. Pasche provides injury and scouting reports for Lion games. She also provides interviews and comments on all the Lion games. For instance, after today’s game there was a scuffle between the two head coaches Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh. Pasche was tweeting direct quotes from the coaches during their interviews after the game. This gives fans another place to go and get information and especially since the Lions are 5-1 this gives fans more reason to be excited about any Detroit Lions news. Pasche is also an interesting person to follow because she is a female sports reporter where there are dominantly more males in sports journalism, especially covering professional football teams.

For a long time the lions havent been a good football team. Just a couple of seasons ago the Lions went 0-16 and were known as the doormat of the NFL. Detroit Lion fans would make fun of the team by wearing bags over there heads. In that case, a funny person to follow about the lions is the radio broadcaster Matt Shepard. Shepard is the radio broadcaster for 1130 The Fan in Detroit. Shepard adds key analysis of the game and gives listeners some funny quotes and sayings. Shepard provides a lot of analysis, which is key for any sports enthusiasts like myself. There are many reporters who tweet about the game and injuries, but Shepard goes beyond that. Shepard questions coaches play calling and decision making the players make sometimes. Shepard updates fans before, during, and after the games on big plays, injuries, and interviews.

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