Time for work and play? Only Twitter will tell.

Having the ability to multi-task is a true gift.  Being able to juggle a job, a full course load and having a social life is a feat that only some can do.  Students who work on top of their studies exemplify some of the qualities that future bosses look for: hard-work, determination, persistence and commitment.

On top of juggling their time, they still find time to tweet about their busy lives. Followers read the day to day struggles, triumphs and dreams of each tweeter and hopefully realize that they have a life outside of work and the classroom.

Aspiring journalist Marissa Scott, is an intern at ABC News 15 in Phoenix, Arizona. She also works at the campus Starbucks at Arizona State University. Scott is a news junkie and is studying broadcast at ASU. Her internship is giving her a firsthand look at the world of broadcasting and she loves to tweet about it.

Amber Cunningham is a 22 year old college student at Auburn University. With over 58,000 tweets, Cunningham has found time to keep her followers and work on campus. Her tweets usually include just random thoughts going through her head, or the occasional Taco Bell stop before or after work.



Erick Mendoza is a fourth year UCSB student studying Global and International Studies as well as Spanish. Mendoza works on campus and is an aspiring journalist set to graduate this June.

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Journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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