Straight to the Pint – Post Two

Like nearly anything else these days, Oregon’s microbrew scene can easily be tracked and followed through Twitter. From discovering new breweries to getting dates for festivals and happenings, Twitter has made following the beer beat easier than ever before.

In my tireless service to my readers, I have searched far and wide on Twitter to highlight some of the thirstiest tweeters that routinely provide valuable and interesting information. While most of these Twitter accounts feature local Oregon brews exclusively, some occasionally include breaking information on the national and even international brewing fronts. Bottoms up:

1. 16 Tons Beer and Wine @16TonsBeer,

16 Tons is a bar on the corner of 13th and High Street in Eugene, OR. Featuring an ever-changing arsenal of local and exotic beers on tap, 16 Tons is an ideal destination for anyone with a passion for great beer. 16 Tons utilizes social media outlets like Facebook to connect people with their events; often times links to these web pages can be found in their tweets.

2. Drink PDX @DrinkPDX

Drink PDX is a Portland-specific Twitter feed and magazine featuring great breweries and eateries. The magazine produces content for its own subscribers as well as contributing to 19 additional Portland-based magazines. Followers of Drink PDX can also expect to hear updates on brew festivals throughout the state that Portland brewers attend.

In addition, Drink PDX hires freelance journalists to compile reviews and feature pieces. Those interested can inquire via Twitter @DrinkPDX.

3. Oregon Brewers Guild @Oregonbeer,

As one of the largest sponsors of brewing festivals in the state, it’s no surprise that the Oregon Brewers Guild are active on the Twitter front. Followers of the Oregon Brewers Guild can expect to hear all the latest breaking news in the world of Oregon brewing from across the state. A great resource to discover new local beer!

4. The Beer Spot @thebeerspot,

The Beer Spot is an international online community of beer-lovers. Beginning with their website, The Beer Spot established a place to share great beer discoveries and experiences with others. The Beer Spot Twitter account also frequently links to other brewing communities and breweries via Twitter mentions so it’s a great way to gain exposure to undiscovered brews and happenings.

The Beer Spot Twitter account covers happenings from all over the globe so it’s great for those traveling to foreign places looking for a great place to have a cold one.

– Kayne Carpenter @kaynecarpenter

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