Immigration Tweeters

In the digital age we find ourselves in, social media continues to transform communication.

Twitter is a social medium that allows a user to post a “tweet” of 140 characters to his/her feed. Twitterers “follow” other tweeters who are of interest to them either because they tweet about popular topics such as sports and immigration or because they can relate to the individual’s self-identification, such as: feminist, queer, undocumented, etc.

It is interesting to see how much we can find out about each other in fewer than 160 characters for the profile and fewer than 140 characters per tweet.

Below you will find several twitterers who regularly tweet on the issue of immigration.

@JuanSaaa ascribes himself to be an activist and a political junkie. However, by going to the blog link found on Saaa’s twitter site another adjective is found: undocumented. Saaa, whose real last name is unknown, was recently nominated for a Latism award for Best Latin@ActivistBlogger. He also blogs at the Dream Activist website. He newly tweeted:

@Vivirlatino retweets current immigration hot topics as well as her own take. Her blog addresses immigration, other areas of interest to Latin Americans and Latin events in NYC where she resides. She is a regular tweeter and a regular blogger and has also been nominated for a Latism award for BestLatin@ActivistBlogger. A few of her recent tweets include:

is a poet, a tweeter and a blogger. His tweets range from statements and retweets on immigration to poems about love. Garcia’s “about me” page leads to another blog with poetry that leads to an older myspace account with more blogs.

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Journalism major and Spanish minor at University of Oregon
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