Following Street Art

When following Twitter accounts that follow street art there are a couple different options. It is nice to have different dimensions of this art world. When wanting to know about street art on a global level it is important to follow a bigger street art blog such as hookedblog. Here the reader can read about street art from all over the world.

It will also lead to following individual artist since most of the bigger street art blogs follow and communicate with many artists. Most of the artists such as Nick Sheehy do not always necessarily blog about their art but their creative minds are always entertaining.

A basic account to follow is Street Art. A great resource for photographs and a link to their Tumblr account.

Since the street art world is so big a good way to find people to follow is to search #streetart.

One of my personal favorites, RJ Rushmore is a writer for Vandalog. He has great links to photos with updated news and information.

What I love about street art twitter accounts is the ability to see new art from all over the world. The best way to find street art blogs that are the most interesting to the reader is to go explore!

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