Cream, Sugar, Twitter

Twitter was built for caffeine-fiends. It’s an energetic social network, and coffee-drinkers are nothing if not energetic. The coffee community has carved out its own corner of the Twitter universe, consisting mainly of coffee businesses, coffee bloggers and the average Joe with a passion for the roasted arts. The following are just a few accounts dedicated to the pursuit of fine coffee.

Coffee Zen is the online coffee article king, featuring everything you ever wanted to know about caffeine, coffee, coffee beans, coffee makers and various coffee products. Coffee Zen is a comprehensive guide to the world of coffee, including every bit of information you could ever want to know. The Coffee Zen Twitter feed is a small taste of the hundreds of articles the site contains, and with over 26,000 followers, the fresh ideas keep coming.

If you’ve ever gone out and purchased a cup of coffee from a cafe or restaurant, odds are Jason Coffee has reviewed it.

Jason Coffee (real name unknown) runs Coffee Cup News, certainly one of the largest collection of coffee reviews on the internet. The site includes dozens of video blogs, written articles and photos, all dedicated to coffee around the United States. Mr. Coffee enjoys answering his followers’ questions about coffee, steering them clear of the not-so-great cups of coffee and leading them to perhaps the greatest cups they will ever experience. And he must be doing something right, with over 81,000 followers.

Delicious Coffee is a Twitter feed that specializes in finding new and unique ways to enjoy coffee. Often providing recipes from sites like Just A Pinch, Martha and dozens more, Delicious Coffee gives access to an impressive collection of all kinds of coffee-centric recipes and unorthodox ideas from around the web. Its followers will never want for an eatable companion to their daily cup.

Roast Magazine is published twice a month and is aimed at coffee roasters. It is based out of Portland, OR, and specializes in discussing the more in-depth issues concerning coffee–the more technical side. It covers controversies in the coffee world, new studies about coffee, threats to coffee crops, the economic benefits of coffee, etc. Roast Magazine and its Twitter feed are meant for the hardcore coffee enthusiasts–those that make a living off coffee or those that have honest curiosity about the inner workings of the coffee world.

Aside from promoting its own articles, Roast Magazine often tweets about articles around the web that fit into its niche.

If you think you know everything about espresso machines, you’re probably wrong–that is, unless you’re Gabe Paul, the Coffee Java Guy. Paul runs Espresso Makers, wherein nearly every brand and type of coffeemaker and espresso maker is reviewed and analyzed. On his Twitter feed, Paul promotes his reviews and the other interesting articles on coffee his site contains. Coffee is serious business–it only makes sense that the machines that make coffee are serious business too.

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I am a blogger specializing in investigative reporting and editorial commentary. Currently a junior at the University of Oregon, I am majoring in journalism and Japanese.
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