Arizona Cardinals on Twitter

Twitter has evolved into a crazy animal of flowing information. Anyone can access anything they want to know in a simple click. The upside to Twitter is that breaking news can be published immediately, but the downside is that it might take a while to sort through to find some good information. When is comes to the Arizona Cardinals, here are a few people on Twitter who will give you the goods.

Darren Urban: He has been a writer for for twelve years. He delivers the goods on all things regarding the Arizona Cardinals. It ranges from injuries, contracts, to events. One of the big upsides to Urban’s Twitter account is that he answers a lot of fans questions.

Kent Somers: Somers covers the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL for the Arizona Republic. His insight into football isn’t just about the Cardinals. Since he covers the entire NFL, it shows that he knows the game well and doesn’t just toot the horn of the Cardinals. He will tell it how it is and not be bias.

Jon Bloom: Bloom is a broadcaster for the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals. He won’t give you deep insight to the Cardinals, but he is good for a laugh here and there. He also gives a lot of game updates and big plays.

Adam Green: Green is a columnist and reporter for He covers anything sports wise in Arizona and he will talk about the Cardinals. He won’t be as professional or news worthy for Cardinals information, but he gives laughs and some valuable information along the way.

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Senior journalist at the University of Oregon. Former college baseball player who now is a writer for the PAC 12 and was a writer for
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