A World of Football (Blog Post #2)

We live in a world in which sports are potentially a huge part of our everyday lives. With that being said, we also live in a world where technology gives us the ability to be up-to-date with the sports that we love, whether that piece of technology be the news, Facebook, or especially Twitter.

The National Football League possesses countless amounts of informational tweeting subjects. Whether these tweeters are actual people or groups of people, they are still able to give us the information we need. Some of these tweeters include, but are not limited to: ESPN, Sports Center, NFL on Fox, Cris Collinsworth, Jim Rome, and Mike Reiss.

Now, we all know that there are a lot more tweeters who are talking about football. However, these are just some that I like to go to for references.

For example, NFL on Fox talks about the upcoming football games in almost every tweet. For instance, they have posted many tweets regarding the fact that the New England Patriots need to bring their A game in their game against the Dallas Cowboys on October 16, 2011. To read one of these posts, please click here.

In addition to posts like NFL on Fox’s, Cris Collinsworth talks a lot about the NFL in all of his posts as well, keeping us all informed on the NFL world. Collinsworth is a person who tries to keep track of NFL players and what’s going on in their lives. Collinsworth’s tweet about Tony Romo can be found here.

To put a little bit of a fun side to reading about football, Jim Rome makes his tweets about the NFL more exciting to read. A tweet about Calvin Johnson (Megatron for the Detroit Lions) can be found here.

There you have it: a way to keep in touch with what’s going on in the football world. From my perspective, you can never miss a beat if you take a look at these Tweeters.

About pchung91

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, and I aspire to be a Sports Journalist sometime in the near future. That being said, I love to write, as well as read in my spare time.
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