Downtown Eugene Pro’s and Cons

Every fall just over twenty-thousand students return to the University the Oregon for another fun and entertaining school year. UO students are always looking for fun and exciting activities to attend on weekends. During the school year, students are attracted by many school ran functions such as attending football games, going to concerts around campus, and studying.

Voo Doo Donuts is known as one of the best donut places in the United States

However, some students who don’t venture away from campus too much might now know that just minutes away from them is the exciting downtown Eugene neighborhood. Downtown Eugene features many bars, concert halls, and great restaurants. UO senior Matthew Schneider only could think of good things to say when asked about what he thought about Downtown Eugene. “I love coming downtown and getting some food and a drink with my buddies, its a great to get away from campus. I really enjoy going to Voo doo Donuts, Cheba Hut, and the Beerstein because they are some of the best places to eat and drink in

The senior center located on Second and Mill St. is a great place for the elderly to have a great time.

Eugene”. The people in Downtown Eugene raved about the different food selections to choose from. 67-year-old Walter Johnson also couldn’t stop talking about the local markets and restaurants. “I really enjoy going to the market on 13th street or going to Dickie Joes. They have the best burgers in Eugene. If I was a student all my food money would go there”. Johnson recommended that more UO students come off campus to experience the city where they are attending college. The restaurants and bars were one of the most talked about positives of Downtown Eugene.

Downtown Eugene features many bars that are close to campus

On the other hand, there were many improvements the residents of Downtown Eugene wanted. 23-year-old Jeff Randel wasn’t a big fan of the Downtown Eugene Association because of its lack of population. “I go into some department stores and there are no people in them. I only see Downtown Eugene busy on Friday and Saturday nights or during football weekends. I think it would be better if the area could find a way to incorporate more events,” said Randel. Another improvement the citizens of Downtown Eugene wanted was to improve how bad the roads and traffic is. Cam Hernandez, a resident of Eugene, was angry that the roads were old and needed to be fixed.

“They fixed the roads close to campus, but some of the roads here in Downtown are old and need to

There is many different pieces of sculptures in Downtown Eugene.

be repaired. Its tough to fix them because of the traffic and rain”. The roads have been an issue for awhile, but Downtown Eugene is still a happening and fun place to be. In a small city like Eugene, Downtown Eugene is a great place to go out with some friends. If any UO students need to get away from campus they hopefully will find a lot of activities in Downtown Eugene before their college life is over.

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