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Most downtowns are the epicenter of a city’s life, but not for downtown Eugene. Eugene is fueled by the University of Oregon and that is where the city’s population flocks to for action.

When 24-year-old Danny Schotz was asked about the perks and improvements needed of downtown, he simply could not come up with any perks.

“Actually there really isn’t any thing attractive about downtown.  The bars are weak, theres not that many places to shop. It doesn’t really feel like a downtown until you get to the bus station,” Schotz said. “They need to add more art and cultural weekly events.” 

Famous downtowns that come to mind are New York City, San Diego, and Los Angeles because of all the action and excitement. That is not the case with Eugene becuase Eugene’s downtown has more of a historic sense.


“I don’t like the street crawlers, I don’t like that people don’t want to go downtown because of the creepers, and i don’t like that there isn’t an actual good bakery right downtown,” said 20-year-old Jacee Retherford.

Retherford, unlike Schotz, did have some things she liked about historic downtown Eugene.

“I like some of the little shops, the good restaurants, coffee places and the character of the buildings downtown,” said Retherford. 

Retherford works at the Downtown Athletic Club, which is in the heart of downtown.

Little Miss Cupcake owner, Hannah Howard, agreed with Retherford on the restaurants.

“I like the locally owned shops and restaurants, it makes it feel really community based,” said Howard. “but  I don’t like the street kids, and bums that hangout all around.

There is a fusion of great locally owned restaurants and coffee shops downtown, but a lot of the problem is that it is over run with “street kids”. It is a constant battle between the sweet home community where everyone knows your name when you come and the constant harassment for money from “street kids”.

“They are obnoxious, and it’s almost impossible to be left alone,” said Howard.

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