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If you’re into fashion like me, you probably already have a folder of bookmarked blogs you check obsessively to stay in the loop about the latest trends and news from the industry. But if this isn’t the case, fear not, I will gladly fill you in on all the best places to get your fashion fix. In fact, it’s pretty easy now that many fashion magazines and designers are blogging, such as Vogue, Glamour, and kate spade.

But at the heart of the fashion industry are the trailblazers and trend setting bloggers who path the way for new designers and photographers to get on their names on the map. For example, the fashion site lets users upload photos of themselves in outfits they put together. More often than not, designers and editors alike are checking out these types of  blogs to see what people are wearing on the streets.

Another influential blog is The Sartorialist, which is completely run by photographer Scott Schuman who has made a big name for himself in the fashion world simply through the dialogue he creates with his photos. He focuses on street wear, but also covers runway shows and occasionally posts vintage photographs.

If you want more interactive or diverse reading, check out, On The Runway (a New York Times blog), or New York Magazine’s blog, The Cut.

And if you want to know where the best sample sales are, which outfit is best for what occasion, or even see picture round-ups from glamorous parties, check out Refinery29. This site is a great “source for shopping, exclusive deals, trends, beauty news, local hot-spots, and at-home sneak-peeks of fashion’s finest.”

So to all you fashionistas who wish for the day they will be a fashion icon, know that you already are. Many bloggers are getting their inspiration straight from the streets, so always dress to impress!

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