Now Hiring- Student Workers Only

Have you ever taken a college class? Well imagine taking a full course-load, add in one or two jobs, a family at home, extracurricular student programs, or a combination of all of the above. It sounds impossible right? Well I am here to prove you wrong.

Like many students across this country and world, I am paying for my own college by working not one, not two, but five jobs on-campus as well as being a member of various student groups and maintaining a healthy relationship with my boyfriend. To say it is difficult to juggle it all is an understatement.

I took interest in the idea of other students doing what I do for my Beat Blog. What I found was a different story for each of the blogs I stumbled upon. I assumed that other people would be in the same circumstances that I face myself, but what I found was that each person had their own story to tell, to share, to express.

Namaste Everyday features Emma, student, substitute preschool teacher and health enthusiast, discussing how she finds balance in her life with yoga, food, and running. Not only does her blog feature healthy recipes, but she also offers her readers ways to stay fit, different diet plans, how to deal with acne problems and her experiences when she traveled to Auckland, New Zealand.  Although her blog focuses mostly on what she does to maintain a healthy life, she does prove that you can be a student, work and live a healthy lifestyle.

I Am An Overachiever caught my eye just in the title alone. Amara Levine-Reich, a graduate student in the journalism program at the University of Memphis, works full-time at Sedgwick Claims Management Services as a communications specialist.  She is married and enjoys seeing new places such as Israel where she studied abroad.  Her blog focuses on time management and how to effectively balance work, school, family, faith and just everyday life. Levine-Reich’s blog contains interviews about how to balance one’s schedule as well as information on how to save money, especially for those who are working their way through college.

Expecting the Unexpected 101 is a blog that is exactly how it reads. 21 year old Katherine is a full-time college student, involved with student groups on campus, works part-time as a front desk agent at a hotel and is 27 weeks pregnant. Yeah, you read that right. Now, Katt has already had her beautiful baby girl, but she continues to write about the struggles she faces still, especially now with another human being to take care of.

Jobs on Campus is a blog created by Alyse Lamparyk, a journalism student at Ohio University.  Her blog explores the employment of students at the Ohio University’s campus. As an Administrative RA in the residence hall and a collection assistant in the Digital Initiatives Department. As a journalism student, Lamparyk interviews various students on-campus about what they struggle with having to work and go to class. I found her blog most relevant to the work I am going to be doing because I plan on interviewing students on campus about their circumstances and what they do in all aspects of their lives.

Other Blogs I looked into that will be of some assistance:

Going Back To School– A resource website for adults going back to school who are dealing with having families, other jobs and responsibilities, all while trying to juggle the complex world of the 21st century college system.

Nontraditional Law Student– A middle-aged man deals with a full-time job, a wife, six children and going to law school. And you thought you had it tough?

Twenty Something Freshman– Think going through Freshman year was tough? Try doing it at the age of 25. Most of her peers are only 18 years old, so it gives for an interesting contrast to read what she deals with while still working and going to school like a regular student.

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Journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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