Beat Blog Post 1-Vegetarian Cuisine

Think being a vegetarian or vegan means ONLY eating veggies? These popular vegetarian blogs give you anything from delicious and complex recipes to the best restaurants to dine at. These blogs provide fun and interesting tips that are perfect for the vegetarian or meat eater alike.

First, we have the Herbivoracious blog, a vegetarian recipe blog with hundreds of recipes from appetizers to desserts. This blog includes colorful pictures as well as culinary techniques for the aspiring cook.

The Lazy Vegetarian comments on vegetarian products including soy protein, tofu, and

Eggplant stew from "The Lazy Vegetarian."

a variety of sauces (and links to them). The author goes about this by describing her daily life cooking and eating as a vegetarian. She also recommends vegetarian books on her

blog. Just like most other food blogs, it also includes recipes and ideas, like eggplant stew.

Veggie Belly, which was started by  an Indian woman,  documents her travels as she tries a variety of vegetarian cuisine, as well as including recipes of

Mushroom Tikka Masala from "Veggie Belly."

her own with an exotic spin (like mushroom tikka masala, yum!). If you love Indian food, this is the blog for you.

For a vegan blog (meatless cuisine, without any animal product such as cheese, milk, etc.) there is Urban Vegan. Here, one can find tons of vegan recipes including simple starts to add to anything to make a meal, like pesto and spaghetti sauce.

Trying to plan a fancy vegetarian meal for your significant other, but don’t feel like going out? Try Vegalicious, an upscale vegetarian cuisine blog. This site, with a crisp layout and a lot of picture for the visual learner and reader, gives recipes for foods like spiced carrot waffles; apple, onion, and potato gratin; and yellow plum compote for dessert.

Spiced carrot waffles from "Vegalicious."

If you’re in New York and looking for a good vegetarian hotspot, try Super Vegan which includes an NYC vegetarian restaurant guide.

Locally, one may check out the Eugene Veg blog. It’s all about being a vegetarian in Eugene; where to eat, what to eat, etc. This blog also gives statistics and facts about animal cruelty and why you should go veg, including this quote by Dr. Will Tuttle, from his book The World Peace Diet:

Our food choices have far greater ramifications than most of us realize, especially for spiritual and psychological health, peace and social justice. Inquiring deeply into food brings us to the hidden core of our culture and beyond: to a path of immense and inviting social transformation and personal healing. By understanding and transcending the “military-industrial-meat-medical-pharmaceutical complex” we can awaken vibrant natural health and our inherent capacity for compassion and wisdom.

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