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It’s 6:30 a.m., and the only reason you’re up is because some idiot set your alarm for this ungodly hour.

Then you recall. Oh yes, you have responsibilities. Duties, commitments, plans. But there is a small flicker of hope in your squinted, bloodshot eyes.



Coffee Coffee Coffee

It is the only specific food product where a lack of it is a suitable excuse for a bad attitude. We call it Joe because it is our friend. It is a western ritual, the American equivalent to the Japanese tea ceremony. It is a way of life and a never-ending journey to find the best cup.

Some dedicate their lives to such a venture…or at least their free time.

Daniel Humphries is certified as a Star Cupper by the Coffee Quality Institute

One such person is Daniel Humphries, a self-proclaimed “coffee ninja” located in New York City. His blog, Daniel’s World of Coffee, details his journeys through the world tasting coffee, from Panama to Seattle, as well as interesting coffee facts and videos from his own experiences in the Big Apple. Humphries also owns a consulting company called Coffee Scholars, which specializes in coffee education.

Chemically Imbalanced is a blog best described by its tagline: how sublime coffee collides with real life.
This blog is a study on coffee, from its brew to its tasters, and covers topics all over the coffee spectrum.

Brewed-Coffee: For Caffeine Addicts Only is a blog that looks suspiciously like a news feed. It covers all coffee news, all the time, from lawsuits concerning Starbucks, to recently scientific studies on coffee, to coffee from around the world. Each post is well-written and professionally tailored. One specific post detailed how one can use cold coffee, rather than just throwing it away (spoiler alert: you can make coffee cakes). Without a doubt, Brewed-Coffee is a must read for coffee-lovers.

Gimme! Coffee is a small chain of espresso bars located, unfortunately for me, all within New York State. Fortunately for me, however, they have a website where they sell their products.
Also on their website is a blog kept by their employees, all about them and their coffee. The blog contains all topics from Gimme! Coffee’s goals of sustainability, travels to coffee farms, how to order an espresso (a short lesson on speaking fluent Italian-American) and an in-depth analysis on how Gimme! Coffee makes their beverages, from ground to cup.
Gimme! Coffee was rated one of the best coffee bars in the U.S. in 2006 by Food & Wine Magazine, and, in January of this year, it won a Good Food Award.
The blog is supposedly uncensored, so employees can speak their minds about their company.

Daily Shot of Coffee is a blog kept by an average Joe coffee drinker, Mike Crimmins.

Crimmins prefers his coffee with creamer or sugar

Crimmins drinks up to a pot of coffee a day, giving even me a run for my coffee money. Even though he’s not an expert, he’s easy to relate to as a normal (if excessive) coffee drinker.
His blog is very interesting to a coffee drinker, but I found myself drawn to a specific article on coffee and college students. Crimmins detailed the risks of drinking too much coffee as a young adult, and how $40 billion is spent yearly on coffee advertisements.
So, while the blog does advance my relationship with coffee, it is also very educational.

Need more coffee? I don’t blame you! Try out Reddit’s coffee subreddit, where it’s all coffee talk, all the time.


Looking for a good place in Eugene to grab a cup o’ Joe? Here are some of my favorites:

Espresso Roma Café – 825 East 13th Avenue
Wandering Goat Coffee Company – 268 Madison Street
Perugino – 767 Willamette Street #102
Dutch Brothers Coffee – 311 East 11th Avenue; 110 West 7th Avenue; 2115 Franklin Boulevard
Starbucks (they didn’t become a corporate coffee superpower for nothing) – 801 E. 13th Avenue; 205 E. 18th Street; 901 Pearl Street, Eugene

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I am a blogger specializing in investigative reporting and editorial commentary. Currently a junior at the University of Oregon, I am majoring in journalism and Japanese.
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