Beat Blog – for Cats/Dogs Loving People

Pets are animals, but for owners, they are a part of their family, just as same as human.

Here are the useful websites that you can find some tips to take care of and have fun with your pets, especially for cats and dogs.

Some of them are very unique, and some of them are specifically for people who live in Eugene.

Hope you find them useful and enjoy!

1) So, I think you are ready to welcome your new family member. Cat? Dog? But wait! You should consider something before you run to a local pet store. Have you ever thought about adopting instead of buying? Greenhill Humane Society saves nearly 2000 dogs, cats and other small animals every year through the adoption services.

It is a great place to be part of saving animals’ lives and meet your new family member at the same time.

Greenhill Humane Society @GreenhillHumane

2) Once your cat/dog arrived home, now is the time to call its name. But choosing your pet’s name is very hard, as hard as naming your own kids. We want to avoid a serious fight with your family members and pick a suitable name for your beloved pet. has a long list of kittens and puppies’ names, both common ones and uncommon ones, which will help you to find the best name for your cats and dogs. The website also offers some health information from Dr. Jon.

3) Unlike obedient dogs, cats are harder to train. Yes, it might be hard to ask cats to pick up your mails every morning. However, cats are actually as smart as dogs, and it IS possible to train them the basic stuff. Cat Training is Possible! introduces you various tips to train your cats, and also gives you several hints of what your cats are trying to tell you by moving their tails or meowing.

4) “Track Town USA” – that is how people call the city of Eugene. But is Eugene also a holy ground for “runholic” dogs? Yes, it is! In addition to everyday routine walk, Eugene has a lot of parks that allow dogs to run freely without a leash. Many of them are equipped with variety of amenities, such as doggie bags and high fence, for the dogs and the owners.

List of Off-leash dog parks

Even though your dogs can be off-leashed inside the area, there are several rules that you have to follow to share the space with others. According to Greenhill Humane Society, those rules are:

  1. Have dog(s) properly licensed.
  2. Have dog(s) properly vaccinated (rabies).
  3. Remove dog(s) fences from designated area.
  4. Keep dog(s) in designated area.
  5. Have dog(s) on leash when entering and leaving designed area.
  6. Be present with dog(s) and have the dog(s) under voice control at all times.
  7. Remove female dog(s) in estrus (heat) from designated area when other dog(s) enter the area.
  8. Not allow dog(s) to fight, bite, or bark excessively.
  9. Dog(s) classified potentially dangerous must remain on a leash.

5) In Eugene, there are several restaurants located in downtown area, where people can bring their dogs and enjoy meal together. These places usually have the outdoor seating, and staffs will provide your pets a bowl of water. Staffs are nice and kind to you and your dog.

Pet Friendly Restaurants around Eugene Area

6) If you are a Facebook addict, how about creating an account for your pet? Zootoo is the best place to connect with other pet loving people in the world. By being part of Zootoo, you can share a lot of adorable photos and videos of pets, answer the quizzes, play games and get useful information for your pet.

and addition to above, here are some recommended people to follow on Twitter for further pets information!

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    This looks great, Mika! Good job!

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    Thanks, Paul! Yours looks great too! 🙂

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