Paul Kiefer’s Bicycle Beat Blog— Post 1


Many of the residents of Eugene, Oregon ride bicycles on a daily basis, me included. Therefore, my blog will share my thoughts and feelings on bike riding, important updates, links to other great bicycle blogs, and anything else bike-related.

Listed below are links to some helpful and entertaining blogs relating to bicycles.


1) Jim Langley is a seasoned bicycle mechanic, cycling author and the former tech editor of the magazine Bicycling. His bicycle blog compliments his website, and  tailors to the avid bicycle rider and includes incredible stories, great videos, and exerts from Langley’s own experiences within the biking world.


2) This blog by Bob Mionske contains countless bicycle-related news stories and laws. Bike riders should find this blog useful because it contains important bike laws that everyone should know and avoid violating.


3) On Commute by Bike, bicycle commuters from all over the nation write in with their stories about their daily bike commuting experiences. Many of the people who write in seem to be avid cyclists and chalk their stories full of bike terminology. The site also has a great tab that gives beginner-riders advice, including:

  • How to react to angry or aggressive drivers
  • How to get cleaned up for work (I assumed after riding a bike in)
  • Top Five Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat


4) We Bike Eugene is blog that has everything relating to bike riding in Eugene, Ore. It includes such topics as:

  • Biking News
  • Events
  • A page where you can report biking hazards
  •  Photos of bikers and past events


5) Bike Snob NYC is a fun and quirky blog that shows the eccentric side of biking culture. It includes stories, photos and videos from all over the biking world. There are also silly trivia questions that seem to be partially related to biking, maybe? This blog has thousands of followers on Twitter, and was mentioned as one of the top ten bike blogs on countless websites.


6) On Cyclelicio, readers submit their own personal biking stories or report in on news-related ones that have happened around the nation.

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