Coffee, The Arts and Glass-Blow Consume Neighborhood

Having lived in the city of Eugene now for two years, I have traveled the streets of 7th, 11th, 13th and 18th, but never in between. Taking a downtown tour of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood made me realize what a great area this truly is.

The infamous Hult Center, located at 7th and Willamette next to the Hilton Hotel. Major events have come through this performance center such as Straight No Chaser, Blue Man Group, Daniel Tosh and the Oregon Bach Festival. The University of Oregon uses this venue for their School of Law commencement ceremony.

   Coffee in the northwest is like the rain: it’s everywhere and you can find it pretty cheap. For the most part, the Eugene area has two major contenders namely Starbucks and Dutch Bros. One of the great things about the Northwest is the fact that there are many different styles of coffee houses such as Amazon Coffee Company. I am excited to try their many different blends and types of coffees.

Eugene is known as being one of the more artsy cities in the country and this store speaks for itself. The Art of Glass is a store completely dedicated to the different artistic and sometimes weird things one can do with glass.  The store offers many unique styles and feature all shapes and sizes. I’ve never been one who was into art, but this store has a little something for everyone.

Some other great places to check out from the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood:

The Lane Events Center– Offers different events, expos and programs from all over the country.

Sweet Life Patisserie– This place is known as one of the best bakery shops in all of Oregon. I personally love their strawberry cheesecake. Next time you’re in, tell them I sent you.

Cornucopia– A vegan, veggie or meat eater’s heaven. Burgers and fries done right.

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