Whiteaker Neighborhood Tour

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1. A street sign signaling the Blair Boulevard Historic District.
2. A flyer-covered telephone pole outside Sam Bond’s Garage.
3. Close-up of Sam Bond’s Garage.
4. In the heart of the Whiteaker, a house hangs an anti-war banner.
5. Local favorite, Papa’s Soul Food has been a staple of the Whiteaker neighborhood.
6. The Tiny Tavern stands across the street from Papa’s.
7. Red Barn Natural Grocery is one of the few grocery stores located in the Whiteaker.
8. The Eugene Glass Menagerie.
9. Among the restaurants in the Whiteaker is El Pinche Tacos.
10. New Day Bakery, supplying baked goods to community members of the Whiteaker.
11. The gate outside the Ninkasi Brewery.
12. The Ninkasi Brewery specializes in Northwest style IPAs.
13. A food cart sits on 1st and Jefferson.
14. Northwest Solvent and Supply is located at the far-west border of the Whiteaker neighborhood.

Team: Aaron English, Paul Kiefer, Petra Chung, Barbara Bellinger

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I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, and I aspire to be a Sports Journalist sometime in the near future. That being said, I love to write, as well as read in my spare time.
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