The Community Garden is a Happening Place

My enterprise story has progressed a little bit since my last post on Sunday. I haven’t been able to interview anyone else yet but I plan to next week. Hopefully the weather gets better and I can find gardeners in the community garden this week or next weekend.

Each piece of my enterprise story is slowly coming along. My five stories will be a profile piece, a photo essay, a gardening tips piece, a Q&A with one of the community garden volunteers, and a background piece on the community garden.

I was able to complete my Q&A with Alice Aikens over email. She shared a lot of information with me that I can add to my other pieces. I will also include a photo of her that she was able to provide for me.

The gardening tips piece is done. I decided to turn it into advice for gardeners returning to the garden in June. There are important things in the garden to do in the month of June and I thought people would be interested to know at least a couple of these tips. The tips include adding color to the garden, getting rid of slugs, pruning the growing weeds and planing warm summer vegetables.

The profile piece is progressing. I had the interview with David Knowlton and now I need to to turn it into a compelling piece about his work at the community garden. I would also like to get input from other gardeners that know about the garden and can add to my story. I hope to go interview more gardeners this week.

The photo essay is in the early stages. I have completed it to the best of my ability with only one interview and one round of photos I took two weeks ago when it was raining heavily. I will be going back in the next couple of days to take photos when it’s sunny and brighter.

Everything is going really well and I have met many people who have been willing to share their own perspective on the community garden in the Amazon neighborhood.

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