Beautiful Obsolescence

I have made some progress on my enterprise story. I’ve done a background interview, I now know far more about type and typesetting than anyone who is not planning to become a type designer. It is a fascinating art that really deserves study especially for journalism majors to see where the industry came and what went into printing a paper only 50 years ago (less in smaller communities).

As far as primary interviews, they both had to reschedule (luckily I do have some notes from my initial interview with the typesetter. I’m really looking forward to making my multimedia piece in the coming week. I’m going to need to pick up some tapes but I’m ready to go. I’ve made my shot list and have a rough storyboard although I’m not sure which way it will go until I have my final footage.

I found a great series that NPR did on obsolete jobs that was a great use of mixed media. and has been a great resource to me. Not having a laptop anymore is really starting to take a toll that I didn’t realize, I was so used to always having a computer on hand, that not having one really ties me to home if I want to get any work done.

Excited for my meeting with Martin Gabbert who is a metal worker an blacksmith im meeting him on Tuesday. and really excited to talk with Bob Giles again.

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