Trying to get the (soft)ball rolling

The empty field during one of the rained-out softball games.

It’s still raining in the end of May, which has presented some challenges to my enterprise story about Eugene’s adult softball league. The softball season started last week, and every night I tried to go to a game to interview players on teams, the games were rained out. I took down observations, which pretty much consist of people driving into the parking lot, making a few frantic phone calls, and then driving away when they realize there is no game. Even if it’s just drizzling, there’s no game because the fields are too muddy. I really want to go to a game to set the scene of the atmosphere, how all the softball players act around each other, and the crowd. I am praying that the weather will let there be at least one game next week that I can go to!

Because it’s been tough to go out to a game since there are no games, I’ve been trying to coordinate phone interviews with players on teams. One of my leads is the University of Oregon geology department’s softball team. I’ve been in contact about coordinating phone interviews, but haven’t heard back yet, probably because of the holiday weekend. I have emailed one of the players on the team and the team captain. I also tried to track them down in Cascade on Friday to no avail.

I have also emailed with Serena Markstrom, who is a reporter for the Eugene Register-Guard. She plays on multiple softball teams and gave me ideas about who to interview and possible angles to pursue.

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