Colin Doin’ Work (Who got the Spike Lee reference?)

When I last updated the J-361 blog with my enterprise story progress, I laid out a detailed plan to write all about the Hawaiian culture in Eugene, as it relates to Ron’s Island Grill and Hawaiian Time (a restaurant on Coburg Road). Unfortunately, neither establishment got back to me quickly enough for me to be able to write an article about them, so I had to switch my topic.

The Sheldon Community Center on Willakenzie Road in Eugene, Ore., offers members of the community with many different amenities, including swimming, childcare and yoga classes.

For my profile story, I interviewed Kevin Leonard, who is the behavioral specialist at the Sheldon Community Center. When it came time to think of another idea for my enterprise story, I kept the center in mind because they were so nice to me the first time I went there, and Leonard had an interesting story to tell. I called the center on Wednesday to ask for an interview with Kim McManus, as well as other center employees, and my request was immediately granted. That set up a whirlwind of a day on Thursday: I woke up on 7:30 am and made my way over to the center by 8:15 to begin my interviews. I was back on campus by 9:40, went to class, then I went to Hayward Field to interview McManus at the Oregon track meet, because she was in charge of running an event put on by the center. After completing all of my interviews, I was able to relax because I then knew I would get my story done. I began writing my enterprise story Thursday night, and I finished around 2 a.m. Friday morning.

I was very happy to be finished with my project, and even happier to have had such a quality interview experience with the center, especially on such short notice. I look forward to going back to the center in the future to possibly write more stories on the people who work there.

As far as the rest of my project is concerned, I am planning on producing a photo story to post to the blog, and I emailed McManus questions that I want her to answer for a Q & A. My project should be completed by tomorrow night (I guess that’s sort of required isn’t it?), and I am looking forward to having it all published on the blog.

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