Check Point

The city of Eugene may be empty, but I guarantee that there are ten J361 students in town, who are busy at work on their laptops and in the Cinema Studies Lab (feel free to join me people).

During week 9 my enterprise story metamorphosed  from the ideas that I envisioned last weekend into five concrete projects. Here are the most recent developments:

For the Profile story I spoke to Mike Simpson, the Education Supervisor at New Roads School. This school is an educational alternative to students ages 16-21 who find themselves credit deficient or wish to get their GED. A major draw for students is that they don’t have to come to school everyday and doesn’t have to stay from 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Each student is on their own plan and as long as they get one thing done the school provides bus fare.

Going to the New Roads School I was also able to learn more about their clinic and outreach team. Cara England, the Clinical Supervisor, became the focus for my multi-media piece. Along with an audio interview with her I plan to incorporate photos of the clinic with captions.

The backgrounder is an introduction to homelessness among students in the Eugene area. I focus on how the Cal Young neighborhood doesn’t have many resources for this teenage population.

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