An Update, the Struggle Lessens

At this point I have my story somewhat more figured out. I am going to write my enterprise around the Trainsong neighborhood’s strategic neighborhood assessment and planning (SNAP) grant, which the city has given them to make improvements that achieve certain objectives created by the neighborhood association and approved by city/neighborhood planners.

Many of these objectives revolve around safety issues and community outreach. While the the neighborhood association’s president says that the association members have had many ideas to start the improvement process, none have quite made the city-funding cut. Apparently there is a disconnect between what the Trainsong Neighbors and the city staff think will have a strong outreach. The neighborhood association has one year (which started in February with signing the SNAP grant memorandum) to use the city funding.

I am still looking in to what specific ideas were brought up and shot down. Several sources have been really helpful, but I am having trouble reaching one source after our first interview and hope to be able to get a hold of him soon to follow up with some more questions and get a few more details.

I took this photo of Trainsong Park minutes before my interview subject arrived and seconds before my battery died, meaning I couldn't take photos of my subject.

I am a tad worried about getting photos for my final story. I originally planned to take photos of my main source at the interview. However, I got to the interview early to photograph Trainsong Park, after which my battery died (of course). So, as of right now, I have no photos of my subjects.

I am working on reconnecting with the source to get photos. I was excited at the idea to photograph him, as well as other neighborhood association members, at their June meeting. The meetings tend to be the first Thursday of each month, and he invited me to attend this coming one. Unfortunately this meeting is the second Thursday, which is June 9, and I will need to be done with my story just days before that. I guess I will have to be creative in compensating for this opportunity loss.

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