Enterprise Story

For my enterprise story I have been talking to the groomers at Oh My Dog! I had talked to Victoria Palmer several times and plan to do a question and answer with her. From there I found Wags, a pet supply store, directly across the street. Wags is different from Oh My Dog! because they do not specialize in grooming and training dogs, but sell supplies and everything a dog could ever desire.

Last weekend the Greenhill Humane Society held the annual Bark in the Park 5K run and 2K walk. Over 1,000 contestants signed up for the run and ran with or without a dog. I talked to a few people and get some photos of the dogs and contestants that were involved. I met two students at the Bark in the Park event that I am going to interview and see how they manage their time between school, work, and their dogs.

I am also planning on going to the rent a pooch day on campus. For 5 hours Greenhill Humane Society brings the dogs out and lets students and people from the community rent them for $5-$10 and play with them on the quad. I want to talk to students and get their opinions on having a pet in college and their experience with animals. One dog and his owner anxiously await for the first runner of the 5K to cross the finish line at Bark in the Park.

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