The Struggle

So far, my enterprise project has been exactly what my title says: a struggle. More specifically, fine-tuning my topic into an actual story is proving harder than I imagined.

The Trainsong neighborhood was recently chosen to be the pilot for the SNAP program, a city-funded program that helps neighborhood associations achieve objectives to better the safety, communication and outreach, youth activities or other points of interest  in the neighborhood. This became my “topic” for the enterprise story. I use quotation marks because this topic isn’t turning out to be full of stories.

I have interviewed a city staff member working closely with the SNAP program, the Trainsong Neighbors president, and an employee at Looking Glass, a runaway youth facility located in Trainsong. I have also contacted multiple police officers who are affiliated with Trainsong’s SNAP objectives, but those seemed to be dead ends. Several other contacts have yet to get back to me.

I was originally interested in a youth council that the Trainsong Neighbors members wanted to put together to give the neighborhood youth something productive and safe to do. However, after further research it turns out that the youth council idea was denied SNAP grant money and therefore not put in to action.

What I am now going off of is the information learned from my interviews as well as my own research. I have been told about gang violence and other safety concerns in the area, which might be a good thing to focus on for my enterprise story. While there are articles already written about Eugene gang presence, none specify the Trainsong neighborhood. However, the last thing I want to do is step on my sources’ toes and make the Trainsong neighborhood out to be a violent, scary place when the reality is that most of my interviewees said they don’t feel unsafe where they live.

That is where I am at so far in my enterprise endeavors. I intend to write the long story rather than the six shorter stories, but I won’t finalize that choice until I have a more solid story idea (in the next few days). Wish me luck!

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