Enterprise Work

As the end of the school year approaches so does our deadline. All term J361 has been preparing for the enterprise story. I have decided not to write one 1200 word essay but instead break it up, like it might appear online. For my topic I am diving into homelessness among students at Sheldon High School.

The Break Down:
For the profile piece it was my original intent to speak with a Sheldon High School alum who will be graduating from the University of Oregon this term.  She was homeless during her high school years and received a scholarship from the school that allowed her to further her education in college. I have emailed her but have not received a response and will be moving on to find another person if I do not hear from her by tomorrow.

For information gathering on my feature story about how to get your homework done while being homeless I will be going tomorrow to Looking Glass:New Roads Program for runaways and homeless teens. I am hoping that this will open some doors and help me to find a teenager who is willing to share their story with me.

I have sent out a Q&A to Officer Savage who is the Student Resource Team member at Sheldon High School. In his email he said that homelessness is an issue that he and the counselors deal with. I have also sent out emails to the counselors but only one has responded stating that he didn’t have anytime to speak with me.

For the backgrounder I hit the Eugene Public Library for more information about Eugene’s history. I think I am going to focus on the population expansion in Eugene over past years and how that has affected homelessness.

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