Enterprise Update

Colin Deaver

For my enterprise story, I am doing a 1,200 word essay on the Hawaiian population of Eugene and what that part of the community is like. To do this, I am talking with employees at Ron’s Island Grill on Willakenzie and Hawaiian Time on Coburg Road. Along with my essay, I plan on doing a Q and A and a photo story.

Ron's Island Grill on Willakenzie Road will be a very important part of my enterprise story.

I would like to write about the Hawaiian community in Eugene because I think they will have interesting stories to tell about their time in Oregon. Obviously, Eugene is incredibly different from the islands and I would like to hear about their experiences in the Cal Young/Harlow area, as well as the greater Eugene area. For my enterprise story, I think I will talk about the history of Hawaiians in Eugene and what their legacy has been. I will also write about what their role in Eugene is today and how they are different from other ethnicities in the area. I will talk to the owners of both restaurants and find out why they decided to open their restaurants and what they think the impact of their businesses has been in Eugene. I want to know if the community has embraced the Polynesian culture and how their culture fits in in Eugene. For this, I also think it would be worthwhile to talk to members of the University of Oregon’s Hawaii Club because they would probably be able to give me some background information and also provide some great insight on the Hawaiian population in Eugene.

For my Q and A, I will talk to an employee at either Ron’s Island Grill or Hawaiian Time about their experience working at a Hawaiian restaurant and what they have discovered while working there. I would like to talk to someone of Hawaiian descent, but I think it would be interesting to talk to an employee from another heritage and find out what they think about working there. I would also ask my Q and A subject what they think the Eugene area is like for Hawaiians and what they think about the Hawaiian culture in Eugene.

For my photo story, I would take photos of a day at Ron’s Island Grill or Hawaiian Time and see what an average day is like there. It would help me show what the restaurants are like and it would add another element to the piece because it would allow me to show what the Polynesian lifestyle in Eugene is like.

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