Thomas Loves Life in the Amazon Neighborhood

Dave Thomas, a student at the University of Oregon, moved to the Amazon neighborhood for its active reputation and appealing location.

By Kailee Pence–Amazon Blog Reporter

As David Thomas walks down his street on his way home from class, he can smell tangy barbecue sauce, sweet onions and spicy peppers wafting from his front porch grill. In celebration of the first full day of sun this spring, his roommates are cooking juicy chicken skewers and Thomas is just in time to eat.

Thomas, currently a junior at the University of Oregon, resides in the Amazon neighborhood on the intersection of 26th Avenue and Kincaid Street. Growing up in a tight knit suburban neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, Thomas feels more at home in a residential neighborhood and felt drawn to the close feeling of unity in the Amazon neighborhood.

Although Thomas and his three roommates are some of the only college aged residents on his street, he feels welcomed by the mix of families and elderly couples. Thomas says, “It is a safe, relaxed neighborhood with a diverse group of residents.”

While choosing a place to live for his junior year of college, Thomas wanted to live far enough away from campus so that he would not be overwhelmed by rowdy neighbors. He searched high and low for a residential community that offered a little bit of everything including grocery stores, recreational facilities and public transportation.

With a local Dari Mart and Sundance Natural Foods located around the corner, Thomas never has to look far for easy choices for good food. Almost every day, Thomas walks the four blocks to the natural foods store and has a variety of options to choose from including fruits, vegetables, salads and soups.

Finding a place to play and relax in the Amazon neighborhood comes natural to Thomas with a park only a couple of blocks away. He often finds himself at Amazon Park playing basketball with his roommates or running on the network of trails to relieve the stress of school.

Located on 29th Avenue and Amazon Parkway, the Amazon bus station allows Thomas to travel back and forth between campus quickly.  Thomas says, “I use public transportation multiple times a day because it’s free, incredibly easy and can take you almost anywhere in Eugene.”

Although Thomas is happy living in the Amazon neighborhood, he plans to find a new house to live in next year. “It’s and awesome location and a cool place to live but most of the houses are really dated and are not in the best of shape.”  Thomas wishes he could stay in his house on Kincaid Street next year but the rental company that owns his house is too occupied to hassle with the general maintenance that his house needs. He hopes to find  private renter in the neighborhood who would appreciate his business.

A house, located near Thomas' house, appears to look run down and dated like many others in the neighborhood.

While sitting on his front porch, Thomas consumes the fresh off the grill skewers and watches as his neighbors prune their colorful gardens and young children run home from school. Thomas says, “This is what I like most about this neighborhood. Everyone is open and welcoming no matter what age. The Amazon is meant for anyone who wants to live peacefully and actively with other neighbors who feel the same way. It’s great.”

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