Who’s it gonna be?

By Diana Higgins

Thinking about writing this profile, I can really go in two different ways. I can either choose a subject that relates to my enterprise story, therefore having an interview done and ready to quote in the enterprise and being efficient with my time, or I can choose a subject completely unrelated to my enterprise story and not get a head start on that project at all. Clearly I want to opt for the second choice.

In my defense for not killing two birds with one stone, I think that choosing an unrelated subject could be a good thing. Not only do I get to broaden my scope on the Trainsong Neighborhood, but I also get to talk to an interesting person about something other than my enterprise topic. I can preemptively tell that I will get sick of my topic, given how bored I got from interviewing and writing about plastic grocery bags over and over again in Gateway 1/2.

I have some ideas for potential profile subjects that aren’t at all involved in my enterprise story. First is Justin Stout, the owner of The Lasagna Cart. I have used him as a source several times in other stories about Trainsong, and he is a really interesting guy who might just have a great story. He recently moved to Oregon from Texas and discovered that there are no affordable Italian restaurants in Eugene, excluding Pizza joints, which his restaurant-finding app decided qualify as Italian restaurants. To meet this need, he opened The Lasagna Cart, a pasta food cart on Hwy 99.

If Justin Stout doesn’t work out, I will either profile the Burrito Amigos guy, whom I had some good conversation with while I was doing the observation assignment, or a transient, since I have always wanted to sit down and talk to one about his or her life, yet have never had the chance/a reason.

So, that’s the tentative plan. I will make it work, no worries :-).

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