What to do, what to do

I have been struggling trying to find someone to interview for my profile piece, which is interesting because I have an entire neighborhood full of people I could potentially interview.

The Amazon neighborhood has a good mixture of residents and businesses, but it’s a matter of seeking the individual with an interesting and unique story. I’ve been to places such as Burrito Amigos, The Beanery, Black Sun Books, Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, the Amazon recreation center and Albertsons where I’ve had the chance to talk to many different types of people about various topics. I feel for the profile piece I need to explore a different establishment in the neighborhood.

At first I was tempted to go into The Beanery to talk to one of the baristas because I felt their job involves a lot of activity during the day, not only behind the counter, but throughout the coffee shop as well. I realized that I’ve been to the coffee shop a few times already to find people to interview for previous assignments, so I need to add a little variety to my pieces.

After doing some research, I found a couple of potential establishments where I could go and talk to either the owner or an employee. One of the places is a bagel shop located on Hilyard Street called Humble Bagel. The small restaurant is in close proximity to The Beanery and not only do they sell bagels, but also coffee and pastries. I feel it could be a place where a good amount of activity goes on each day and I could observe one of the employees in his or her workplace and develop an interesting profile piece.

The other establishment I found in my research is also located on Hilyard Street and it’s a wine store called Sundance Wine Cellars. The business is locally owned and provides a wide range of different wines as well as wine tastings. Gavin McComas is the owner and also owns Sundance Natural Foods. Because McComas is an owner of two local businesses located in the same neighborhood, he would make for an interesting profile article. If he is not available for an interview, I can also contact the manager of Sundance Wine Cellars, Boris Wiedenfeld, who would also be a great subject for my profile.

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