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For my enterprise story I have proposed focusing on substance abuse at Sheldon High School. In the past I have worked with Sgt. Mike Galick on understanding the problem alcohol and marijuana pose in the Eugene area. Now for the profile I have decided to redirect focus from law enforcement to an administrator in the high school.

I have an interview with  Mike Johnson,  the Assistant Principal at Sheldon High School. Getting into the high school I hope to get a feel for the environment and an understanding of what background most of the students come from. I hope to talk to Johnson about the programs the school offers for students, including a substance abuse education or a risk management course.

I am anticipating an unwillingness to talk about substance abuse within the high school. This interview will also serve as a means for me to see if there is a story at Sheldon about substance abuse to report on. I plan to also question Johnson on the Life Skills Class, offered to students with developmental disabilities to receive an education. An avenue I plan to take for the enterprise story if substance abuse doesn’t work out.

Preview of Questions:
Did you graduate from Sheldon High School?
Have you always been a school  administrator?
How does Sheldon High School give back to the Cal Young neighborhood?
What programs or opportunities does the school present to its students?

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