There is a problem with with how I’ve gone about looking into looking at my neighborhood. I’ve spent a majority of my time talking to workers and business owners, but almost no time spent talking to the people of the neighborhood. So for my profile I’m going to find someone new, I will go to the area’s park or find someone and learn more about the nieghborhood as a neighborhood.

I see the issues in this plan and do have a fall back plan there are multiple junk and resale stores in the area  and I find these places fascinating.

If I wanted to tie the profile into my enterprise story then I would had to have scheduled my ride along a decent amount of time ago. There are other options in the area such as the American Red Cross, and other civic operations in the area. I really hope that my ride along goes through but it is not likely for at least a week.

I know that Trainsong is an interesting area that is underrepresented in the city as a whole. There are people living there lives in the rather nice residential area only sullied by the large industrial area and train tracks in the area. I want to get their story out if I can.

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  1. kaileej says:

    awesome photo!

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