Preparing for a Profile

For the profile assignment due this Wednesday, I have been thinking of the different people that work, play or live in the Amazon neighborhood that I could interview and learn more about.  Since it would be smart to write about someone involved in my future enterprise story, I have been researching the community members that are involved in the Amazon Park community garden. The community garden in the Amazon neighborhood is open to the public and sells plots of land to be used to grow organic food. It is also common for the gardeners in Amazon to donate a portion of the food they grow to Food for Lane County. They’re many people who work to keep this community garden up and running for the public.

I would like to interview Merry Bradley who is currently one of the garden managers at Amazon. She seems to be very knowledgeable about the garden and active in the community. She would have a lot to say about the benefit of growing your own food as well as donating some of that food to the less fortunate.  She is also a member of the Lane County Master Gardeners that is run by the Oregon State University Extension Service. She probably has a lot to say about her role in this service and the contributions she has made over the years.

Another person I would like to contact would be Alice Aikens, who is also a garden manager at Amazon.  She is well-known in the Amazon neighborhood and participates with residents in the community gardens. Aikens works hard to provide the neighborhood with a place to grow nourishing fruits and vegetables. Aikens has worked to create a strong sense of community in the Amazon neighborhood because it allows the members to learn from one another.

To prepare for a possible interview, I have been writing up questions that would allow me to get to know my subject better.  I want to know how they feel about the Amazon neighborhood and how they first got involved in the community garden. I also want to know what they do on a daily basis as a garden manager and how do they participate in the garden. I plan to begin my interview with simple question that allow my interviewee to feel comfortable. As the interview progresses, I will ask questions that may force my interviewee to ponder first before answering.  I want to know as much as I can about my subject so that I can write a truthful profile about them.

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