Preparing for a J-361 Profile

For the profile assignment, I thought it was important to interview someone that I felt comfortable with and that I thought would give me enough information to write a profile piece. With my neighborhood group, I have been to the Sheldon Center next to Sheldon High School in the Cal Young/Harlow neighborhood. While we were there, we met an interesting man named Kevin Leonard. Leonard is the behavioral specialist at the Sheldon Center and seemed like a fun, personable guy. From the time we were introduced, I thought he would be a great subject for a story because of his personality traits.

After deciding on Leonard as a possible interview subject, I did some research on who he is. On Google, I found a page from the website of Churchill High School’s baseball team. On the website, it said Leonard had be a four sport athlete at Churchill and had played football and basketball at Portland State. This information really keyed my interest even more, because I am a huge sports fan and like to hear stories about people like Leonard who have succeeded in more ways than one.

I also tried to find other people to talk to about Leonard, people who would be able to add to the story. On our trip to the Sheldon Center, we also talked to some of his coworkers, so I thought they would be good people to talk to in order to really understand Leonard a little better. I also think it would be worthwhile to talk to the Churchill High School baseball coach, because he will be able to provide information about Leonard’s work as a coach, not only as a behavioral specialist at the Sheldon Center.

When I go to do the interview, I will go to the Sheldon Center and follow Leonard around his work for a few hours to get a feel for what he does at work every day. When there is a lull in the action I’ll also want to talk to him one-on-one so that he can answer the questions I have for him. I also may see if Churchill is playing any baseball games before I must write my story, because I would like to incorporate the way he coaches into the story. If they don’t have any games, I would still like to go to practice to see what his coaching style is.

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