What does the future look like for the U.S.?

Eugene residents express mixed emotions about the death of Osama bin Laden

By Crystal Barce

Reporter, J361 Blog

EUGENE, Ore.—As the news spread across the nation by television news stations and Internet sites, residents in the Amazon neighborhood developed mixed feelings about the news of Osama bin Laden’s death and felt disappointment with the celebrations that occurred shortly after the information was released.

Some residents feared the death would cause more problems and even worsen the war. Those who were familiar with the celebrations in Washington, D.C. and Times Square in New York City felt that although the death was long-awaited, it should be respected.

At The Beanery located on Hilyard Street, customer Greg Packebush expressed his opinions after watching the popular news television station, CNN. He feared that an event of a greater magnitude could possibly occur in the future. Many Americans across the nation participated in celebrations, and although he didn’t watch the footage of the large crowds cheering, Packebush felt that people reacted in a way that was “typical” and “expected.”

“I wish more people would just sit back and just kind of analyze it all before just reacting,” he said.

Also located on Hilyard Street is Burrito Amigos where employee Jessica Guillen had opinions of her own after learning about the event from Facebook. She feels that there are going to be more problems and more war now that the leader is dead. Guillen believed that instead of killing bin Laden, he should have been punished in other ways.

Although Guillen was not able to view the televised celebrations on the other side of the country, she felt that Americans could have handled the news in a different manner that wasn’t so celebratory.

“Be respectful,” she said. “The dead need to be left alone, even though they were bad people. What happened, happened. There’s nothing we can do. We can’t change it. We can’t change time. It changes us.”

Down the street on 30th Avenue is Albertsons where Brenda, a customer who asked that her last name not be included, had similar opinions about the latest news. She felt that the death was “inevitable” and the celebrations were “poor taste.”

“It says poor things for Americans that we’re celebrating the death of another human being,” Brenda said.

She believed that although bin Laden was the “catalyst” for the events of 9/11, he was not the only individual involved. She also provided some perspective by comparing the U.S. celebrations of bin Laden’s death to the celebrations in the Middle East of the killings of American soldiers.

The Amazon neighborhood doesn’t seem to be an area for celebration, unlike the state of New York. Although many are praising the soldiers who killed the terrorist leader after 10 long years of searching, many disagree with how Americans are reacting. Many people may feel the war could be over soon, but others feel the war may be getting worse; only time will tell.

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