Trainsong residents display mixed emotions toward Bin Laden’s death

Members of Eugene’s Trainsong neighborhood reported feeling uneasy, skeptical of Osama Bin Laden’s death

PHOTO BY DAN FREIMARK: J.J. Schills, owner of Valley Restaurant Equipment, compared Americans celebrating Osama Bin Laden's death to Laker Fans after they won the NBA championship.

By Tyree Harris
News Reporter

EUGENE, Ore. — Residents of the Trainsong  area reported that celebrations surrounding al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden’s death made them uneasy. Though Bin Laden is responsible for the September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center attack,  many Trainsong residents said they are uncomfortable celebrating Bin Laden’s May 1st demise.

“I thought it was odd,” Valley Restaurant Equipment owner J.J. Schill said in regards to the Bin Laden festivities. “I mean we’re celebrating someone’s death.” Schill said he is OK with Bin Laden dying, but he doesn’t find death to be a compelling thing to celebrate.

“I didn’t feel a need to jump up and down,” he said.

Jennifer Schaaf, co-owner of local barbershop Lady Barbers, was playing a computer game when her mother told her to turn on the news to see that Bin Laden was announced dead. Though most of Schaaf’s Facebook friends were celebrate, Schaaf said she didn’t feel comfortable cheering on his death.

“It seems at odds with my religious beliefs,” Schaaf said.

Most Trainsong residents interviewed found out through the media, but Zack Robertson discovered that Bin Laden was dead through a text message from his mother.

“I didn’t believe it at first,” local resident Zack Robertson said.

Justin Stout, Owner of The Lasagna Cart, said he still doesn’t believe it.

“I think it’s a total fake,” Stout said.”I don’t like where this is going.”

Stout heard about the death of Bin Laden through the Drudge Report, and an interview on the Alex Jones Show with a prominent ex-government official.

A Texas native, Stout thinks that the timing of the killing seems scripted. He thinks Bin Laden was already dead, and the American government was waiting for the right time to release the information.

“I think it’s just more confusion on a mass scale,” Stout said.

Schill, However, said believes in America and he is tired of hearing conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Bin Laden. Schill said he trusts President Obama and would like to have him as his own neighbor.

“Everything he says to me — I’m gonna believe,” Schill said.

When a friend told Trainsong neighborhood visitor Tyler Whiting that Bin Laden was finally killed, he, like many Americans, instantly began partying and drinking. Though he thinks it is mostly a symbolic victory rather than the end of terrorism, he was excited nonetheless.

Schaaf, like most Trainsong residents interviewed, doesn’t think Bin Laden’s death marks the end of terrorism.

“Terror has been around before him, terror will be around after him,” she said.

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