Fear of Violence and Comfort of Closure

The people of Trainsong are mixed on their feelings on the news of the death of Osama bin Laden.

Osama bin Laden was the head of the international terrorist organization al-Qaida. Who

were behind the attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. in September of 2001. A special forces unit made up of Navy SEALs killed bin Laden during a raid on his compound in Pakistan Sunday evening.

The feelings range from relief, to conspiracy, to apathy. Most people in the neighborhood knew that bin Laden had been killed on Sunday (Monday Pakistan Time). Although two people already thought he was dead, one Tia Fitzgerald a worker at the Red Cross in Trainsong, just thought American Forces had already killed bin Laden.

While Justin Stout  the owner of a food cart on highway 99 felt that there were much more sinister actions behind it. “I think it’s a total fake,” Stout said reflecting on the death of bin Laden. Stating that he had heard bin Laden had been dead since around 2002 based on radio interviews and stories he had read via the Drudge Report. The timing also got to Stout who believes that U.S. Forces had bin Laden on ice until they needed him, and that the timing points to events being scripted.

Justin Stout fears backlash from news of Osama bin Ladens death

Stout also felt that the death of bin Laden whether fake or real will cause a lot of trouble for the USA in the future. He is worried about this because he feels that the USA is already in enough conflicts.

Of the opposite opinion was J.J. Schill owner of a restaurant equipment store in the area, said his feeling upon first hearing about bin Laden’s death were mixed. “we’re celebrating someon

es death. I thought it was odd,” Schill said comparing peoples reaction to the Lakers winning the NBA championship. Schill unlike Justin Stout believes that  U.S. Forces killed bin Laden, “I trust [Obama],” and that he believes President Obama now that they got bin Laden.

Schill is also fed-up with all the news and conspiracies around the raid Sunday. Stating

J.J. Schill feels that it is odd that people celebrate death

that he is not reading anymore news on it and is ignoring all of the conspiracy theories around the death. “I’m already done with it. Dude’s dead congratulations.”

Zack Robertson a man waiting at Lady Barbers on Hwy 99 said that he didn’t believe it at first when his mom sent a text about bin Laden, feeling that she meant someone else. Robertson who’s brother recently went of to basic training , said he was sad to see this event end with death, and that his Facebook reflected his mixed feeling.  He does now believe that bin Laden is dead, and on the conspiracy theories he feels that the government is telling us the truth just not all of it.

As days go on and more information comes out about the raid and burial or bin Laden, opinions may change one way or the other. But for now the feelings are mixed.

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