A Celebration of Death

The people of Trainsong felt mixed emotions at the news of Osama bin Laden’s assassination.

By Diana Higgins

Reporter, Reporting1Blog

Residents and workers in the Trainsong Neighborhood in Eugene, Ore., found themselves celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden along with the rest of the United States Sunday evening, but some skepticism lingered.

(FBI.GOV) The FBI have had bin Laden on the Ten Most Wanted list for years.

Bin Laden, leader of the terrorist organization al-Qaida and the man responsible for the attacks of 9/11, was found and killed during a United States CIA operation Sunday evening in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The assassination caused uproars of excitement across the U.S., with the Trainsong Neighborhood being no exception.

“It’s about time,” Burrito Amigo employee Francisco Flores said. Flores, a resident of the Trainsong area, was notified of the death by an email from the New York Times. He said the news was cause for excitement at his school, Lane Community College, as well as all over Facebook. While he is glad that bin Laden was found, he cannot predict what will happen next.

(DIANA HIGGINS) Cody Bowerman, left, and Tyler Whiting run Redmond RV and Marine together.

Business partners Cody Bowerman and Tyler Whiting were also pleased with the news. Whiting started partying when his friend told him bin Laden was gone. He remembers himself as an eleven-year-old boy being scared and upset during the 9/11 attacks. Bowerman said he is glad to have bin Laden out of the political scene, while Whiting thought that the death was “probably more symbolic than anything.”

Some people felt mixed emotions, not just happiness. J.J. Schill, owner of Valley Restaurant Equipment, is ready for the uproar to be over, comparing the national celebration to Los Angeles fans after a huge Lakers win. “We’re celebrating someone’s death. I thought it was odd.”

(DAN FREIMARK) J.J. Schill has had enough with the news of bin Laden's death.

Justin Stout of The Lasagna Cart had difficulty believing the news at all. “I think it’s a total fake.” Stout thought the breaking news on bin Laden’s death seemed scripted, and that the news is just adding more confusion to the situation.

Schill, while not in agreement with the amount of celebration, believes the news. “I believe in America,” said Schill. He trusts President Obama and believes what he told the country about bin Laden’s death.

Other people who believe the news think that it won’t make that much of a difference. “It’s not gonna really change anything, I don’t think. There’s just gonna be another leader,” said Tia Fitzgerald, who works at the American Red Cross on Bethel Drive.

Jennifer Schaaf, another local of the area, agrees. Schaaf said that the perceived threat may be gone, but she wasn’t happy about the killing.

The Trainsong Neighborhood took the news happily, but not everybody fully accepted it. With some skeptical of the truth, and others unsure whether a death was necessary to fight the war on terror, this neighborhood is interested to see what happens next.

“Terror has been around before him, terror will be around after him,” said Schaaf.

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