Q & A with the gluten-free goddess

Karina Allrich is known as a gluten-free goddess and was given the name by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Her blog is full of unique and delicious gluten-free recipes that she has created on her own and is happy to share them with the world. Recipes and photos of her treats can also be found on her Facebook.

Q: What made you decide to become a blogger?

A: I wanted to help others. There was a dearth of good gluten-free recipes when I was diagnosed in 2001, so I began sharing my own recipes online (I develop all my own recipes).

Q: How long have you been blogging about this topic?

A: Since 2005

Q: Where does your inspiration for your posts come from?

A: The four seasons are my constant inspiration. Eating in tune with the changing seasons, eating organic, and as locally as possible. I also get inspired by my readers.

Q: How did you learn about celiac disease?

A: I looked it up on the Internet and told my doctor about it.

Q: What is your favorite gluten-free dish? Where did you get the recipe?

A: I create my own recipes. It’s too hard to pick a favorite- I have developed 400 recipes for the blog. My new gluten-free pizza crust, my flourless chocolate cakes, and pumpkin pie, my quinoa recipes, and my sweet potato black bean enchilada recipes are all faves.

Q: Do you receive a good number of responses to your posts? Are they more positive or negative?

A: I have a dedicated following, yes. Posts on gluten-free bread or desserts garner the most comments and feedback. I get over 1.2 million page views on my blog- per month.

Q: Have you come across many blogs about the same topic? Any favorites that you would recommend?

A: Yes, there are hundreds of gluten-free blogs. I keep a running blog roll list on my blog, and list my favorites there.

Q: Do you have any advice for me as a new blogger writing about gluten-free food and providing information about celiac diease?

A: Find your own voice by writing from an authentic place. Develop your own style. Work on your blog design, and make it appealing, and unique. Learn about digital photography. Be an active member in the blogging community. Leave positive comments, and interact with other bloggers in a supportive and friendly way, using commenting, Facebook, and Twitter.

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