Q&A with Register Guard’s Rob Moseley

The crowd storms the field at Oregon State after the Ducks win to advance to the National Championship in 2010.

Q: How long have you been involved with Oregon football and how did you get started?
A: I enrolled at Oregon in the fall of 1994, saw my first game at Autzen that season, covered by first game for the school paper in 1997, covered the beat full-time for the school paper in 1999 and have pretty much been on it since.
Q: How has Twitter changed the way you do your
A: Twitter has changed the way I work dramatically. I love the small details of a beat, and Twitter is the perfect forum for that. And it allows interaction with my readers, i.e. my customers.
Q: Do you attend every practice and game, even away games?
A: Yes.
Q: How do you go about interviewing a coach like Chip Kelly, who can sometimes be difficult?
A: You can’t go into an interview unprepared, as you can with some less prickly coaches. But if you know your
stuff, you’ll get something good.
Q: What is a valuable lesson you have learned about sports reporting?
A: Everything I’ve learned about my job, I learned on the the job. Experience is life’s best teacher.
Q: Do you have a favorite moment or story or moment from Oregon football?
A: Nothing sticks out. It’s a mostly fulfilling way to make a living.
Q: Any additional comments or great advice for young journalists..
A: Read. Write. Read more. Write more. You can never do too much of either.
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