A Q & A with Erin Morris

Erin Morris has lived in Costa Rica for about a year.

Erin Morris, 31, is an American woman who now lives in and blogs about Costa Rica. Translating to “of the pure life”, Morris’ blog, De La Pura Vida, tells of her new life in Latin American with her fiance, complete with photos she takes on her adventures. All photos posted here are courtesy of Morris. She is also the Editor in Chief for The Costa Rica News. You can follow Morris on Twitter @delapuravida.

Name: Erin Morris
Age: 31
Job: Editor in Chief for The Costa Rica News, freelance graphic
designer, translator

Q: When and why did you move to Costa Rica?
A: I moved in March 2010 to be with my fiancé, who is Costa Rican. I
wanted to learn more about his culture and really get to know where he
came from. …plus it’s a tropical paradise, who wouldn’t want to move

Looking out on the cold, moon-like landscape of Irazú Volcano.

Q: Did you write any beat blogs before moving to Costa Rica and
starting De La Pura Vida? If so, how does writing about Costa Rica
A: De La Pura Vida is my first blog.

Q: Do you currently do any blogging or writing other than De La Pura
A: I write stories for The Costa Rica News sometimes (most of the time
I’m only editing, though), as well as copy writing (when needed) for
any design projects I might be working on.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Costa Rica?
A: Favorite: the biodiversity!! The land, plants, and animals here are
absolutely amazing! You can go 20 minutes in any direction and see a
completely different landscape.
Least favorite: the bureaucracy. blah. I didn’t like it in the States,
but now I’m getting a real taste of it. What did we ever do before

Q: From which source do you get most of your news? TV? Internet? A
specific channel or website?
A: Teletica Canal 7 – Tico news on TV (or channel 6), and the internet
– La Nacion, CNN, Mashable, Google feeds

Q: What got you into the media world?
A: Moving to Costa Rica and starting the blog. I originally started it as a journal for myself, friends, family, but it was quickly picked up
by other travel bloggers and I was introduced the wonderful world of
travel blogging.

Q: What is your main goal for your blog?
A: My main goal is to post more, and post more useful travel
information – I want all my experiences to be on delapuravida, not
just a few of them! Julio and I just finished a 5 day tour of beaches
in Guanacaste – we must have hit over 20 beaches in those 5 days, I’m
still recovering, it was exhausting! All the beaches we chose to visit
are hard to get to – only accessible by hard core 4WD, and logically
void of many tourists. I can’t wait to start posting about those
trips! Black sand beaches, white sand beaches, rocky beaches, smooth
soft sand beaches, desert beaches…

Q:Do you plan to stay in Costa Rica? If so, will De La Pura Vida
continue throughout your stay?
A: I do plan to stay for now. We’ll be here for as long as the economy
in the States is still poor and for as long as we are having luck here
in CR with jobs. Or until I can’t handle the bureaucracy anymore 😉
De La Pura Vida will continue. It will be nice if it can morph into a
general travel blog when we finally do leave CR.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say about living in Costa
Rica or writing about it for the public eye?
A: So far it has been a really rewarding experience. I’ve had so many
opportunities open up for me since I started De La Pura Vida in terms
of my career and making new friends. I don’t know if I can ever go
back to a normal 9-5 desk job ever again!

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1 Response to A Q & A with Erin Morris

  1. Patricia petty says:

    Enjoyed your travel blog. My family was just talking about Costa Rica longingly yesterday and I thought of you. I’m glad you’re relishing your time there. I will forward your blog info to my sister so she can learn more about it. It sounds great and it looks gorgeous. No noni fruit for me though! Take care.

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