The Beanery on Hilyard

The Beanery coffee shop located on Hilyard Street in the Amazon neighborhood is constantly full of bustling bodies and the aroma of coffee. Pictures of colorful and tropical flowers hang on the yellow walls and the large glass windows allow customers to watch the busy street outside.

As the front door opens and new customers hurry in, a wave of cold air blows through the door. People sit on bar stools and at tables and booths talking with friends, studying, reading the paper and surfing the web.

The barista yells over the chatter to welcome the new customers and ask for their order. The coffee grinder and blender run simultaneously to keep up with the long list of orders. It’s hard to hear the soft rock tunes playing over the commotion of a typical day at the shop.

The cash register opens and closes with a ding as customers pay for their coffees, smoothies, pastries and sandwiches all handmade by the shop employees.  The line continues to grow as more people fill into the shop for drinks and breakfast.

Coffee cups, plates and bowls clink and clang as customers clean up their own dishes and place them in the dirty dish bin. While throwing away their trash and recyclables, a man and woman talk about the importance of recycling. The woman says, “imagine if you were in the Midwest, no recycling.”

Two men fill out the daily newspapers crossword puzzle as they wait for their order to be ready. They have difficulty deciding which word fills in the last blank column and continue to bicker until the barista calls their order.

As the clouds disappear in the sky, the sun shines brightly through the windows of the shop. The sunlight reflects off the tiled floor and illuminates the small shop creating a cozy place to meet new people.

The barista yells out “white mocha” and a customer walks up to get her coffee. She then walks to a table with an assortment of straws, lids, creamer and sugar and places a sleeve on her hot coffee cup. She hurries out the door on her way to her next errand.

A man sits alone eating a bagel sandwich oozing with cheese and ham and drinking hot tea. He sits quietly but entertains himself by watching as people come in and go out the front door.

A family of four rides their bikes to the door of the coffee shop. They lockup their bikes and come inside to order drinks and breakfast. The two young children, still wearing their bike helmets, ask their mother repeatedly if they can please have some fruit. She gives in to the children and buys them each a bowl of fruit to eat.

Customers continue to quickly stop by and grab a drink or order breakfast and stay awhile but the noise never seems to quiet down. The coffee shop is busy and that means the food is good and people are happy.

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