No borders in Borders Bookstore

(The following is an excerpt from a transcription of an hour spent in the Borders Bookstore at the Oakway Center.)

The Borders Bookstore at the Oakway Center was a great place to do my blog.

Sitting in a comfortable chair near one entrance to the store, there is a lot of hallway traffic. There are books about yoga and reflexology on a sales table. There are rows and rows of these throughout the store. Ahead, there is the science fiction section and then the romance section. Typical bookstore music is playing, a cross between elevator and slow dance. The singer sounds kind of like Elvis.

A mom in a jogger’s outfit just sat down and is reading a magazine. It is hard to tell which one it is. It has a man’s face on the table of contents, so it’s not Cosmo. She doesn’t look like someone who would read that, probably a little more high-class than that. There is also a man to the right who looks to be either homeless or coked out. Oh Eugene. What a great place. He’s not really bothering anyone though. He’s wearing sweats and a beanie and just chillin’. Kickin’ back.

There’s definitely a lot of retirees and stay-at-home moms here today. That makes sense at 10:21 a.m. on a Tuesday. Coke-head has Chinese characters tattooed on his left forearm. Still just sitting there. Not doing anything. Hasn’t moved. Hasn’t even looked at anyone.

A mom and her adorable three year old just walked by. Two women walked by and complained about the store managers changing things around. In the background, a child is talking to its mother, whining about what book it wants. It might be the same little boy who just walked by. Nope. He just walked by with his grandma. Not the same kid. They’re talking about a book he wants but they can’t find. He looks a little distraught. No tears yet, just peeved.

A gentleman who looks to be about 60ish just sat down a few chairs away to read a book. The Social something is what its called. His hand is covering the rest of the title.

DISCOVERY! Coke-head moved when he saw a woman and they walked out of the store together. He said it was funny she walked by because he had been thinking about her. They obviously know each other. She was very well dressed, businesswoman-like, so he’s not a coke-head, just a man in sweats enjoying his day off at Borders. He’s coming back though, he left his backpack here.

A bearded man in a Hawaiian shirt is now browsing the bargain crime section. He looks like someone who would commit a crime. Getting ideas for it maybe. More than likely, he’s just interested in a book.

Coke-head has left now. He came back from his adventure, grabbed his backpack and bounced. The grey sweatshirt he was wearing is a Nike Oregon Ducks sweatshirt. An Asian man, around 55ish with a grey beard has walked by now about 7 or 8 times. Either he’s looking for something, or just enjoys walking around Borders. Probably both.

A bearded hipster just sat down in a comfortable across the aisle. He’s reading a book. How independently neo-classical of him. It’s probably a book no one has ever heard of and won’t like because it’s too underground. He tilts up his hipster glasses to read. HA! Proof that they wear them for no reason. No one who actually needs glasses does that. It’s surprising that he’s not pulling out a cigarette right now, while tuning his iPod to something hella hip and independent.

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