“A cup, a sip, a sigh”

All different types of people walked through the Starbuck’s door on April 19, 2011. Some were students looking for a good cup of coffee and a nice place to study, others were in a rush to get their desired drink before busting back out of the doors and on with their day. One woman sipped out of her green straw and talked loudly about her small business and her new business partner. She bragged about him to her friend, who seemed like she couldn’t care less and would rather be spreading hot gossip. Forced conversations were carried on between the employees and the customers about their “okay” days.

The sunny day called for many cold drinks and friends gathering out on the patio outside. Even though the wind is still cold, many customers wore shorts, skirts, and flip-flops, making it seem as if it is summer already. One college student walked in and was clearly confused on the weather this morning. She had on short spandex and tall Ugg boots with huge sunglasses covering her face.

As the soft music grew louder many of the conversations were drowned out. Everyone in the small coffee shop had a drink in his or her hand, and something or someone to occupy their attention. No one was there alone, with just their thoughts. Everyone came with a friend, coworker, boss, child, and if they were alone, they were glued to their computer screen. No one dared to be the awkward one in the corner alone at Starbucks at 10:30 in the morning. “Oh no! I’m not just going to sit here by myself, I can take the rest of this to go,” one man said to his friends as they got up to leave, “I’ll take this to go.”

The smell of pastries filled the room as the glass door that contains the sweets slid open to be cleaned. The line grew longer as one worker was forced to stop taking orders and clean the food area and the machines. The shelves are lined with different flavorings used in all the assorted drinks such as vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, and many more.

As the line grows longer three women sit down at a small table and begin talking to one another in Spanish. They laugh about how one woman almost misses the chair because of how small it was. They all nibble on different treats as they wait for their coffee drinks.

Next to them, a woman at a small table by the counter sits alone with a thick stack of papers and two smart phones. She wore a black business suit and a pink scarf, and she seems very focused. Her black, leather heels, not too high, say she is in control and runs things. Her Blackberry and Droid were going off simultaneously and she quickly and carefully responded to each message she read, while she also read and highlighted her papers. She set everything down for a moment and began to count on her fingers. Once she figured out her dilemma she took a sip of coffee and continued on with her hectic business.

Many people’s lives crossed paths today at the Starbucks on Coburg Road, but none noticed the others. Whether they came to study or grab a cup of coffee with a friend, they get what they came for and on with their day.

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