Employees of Trainsong Buisnesses Reflect on Neighborhood

Service workers in Trainsong  feel that their neighborhood has a rough exterior but has a good heart.

Trainsong is a industrial neighborhood in northwest Eugene. To support this industry a large number service industry stores have opened from various coffee stands to convenience stores and bars.

On such store is a Dutch Brothers coffee stand on Route 99. The stand seems almost vulnerable built alone in the middle of a otherwise vacant lot. A steady flow of cars goes by as a staff of three to four employees server them from the windows. One such employee is Owen Garrity a barista at the stand. “There’s a lot of police presence, and that’s nice in this neighborhood” said Garrity about the neighborhood as explained why he feels safe while at work that ends well after the sun goes down. Although he feels safe a work he does have misgivings about the are, “The cons are that there are a lot of robberies, so we need the police presence. The bank across the street has been robbed twice in the last year.” Showing why he was so happy to have that strong police presence in the area.

“[I] thought it was pretty funny the bank got robbed twice by the same guy in two weeks. There is something ridicules about that” said Rich Martin a clerk at a Dari Mart near the bank mentioned by Garrity. Who hasn’t had a single incident despite working two lots over from the bank since September.

“The good thing is that there are always people looking out for each other, whether it’s a woman walking home at night or what have you” said Martin showing his feeling that the neighborhood is much better than first impressions may give. “A good group of working class people live around here”  said Mary Benson a bartender at O’Donnell’s Irish Pub on Route 99 as the Saturday night regulars participate in pool tournament. There seems to be a consensus in the businesses of Trainsong that the people of Trainsong are hard working people who look out for each other. The homeless people and the drug addicts who have also become synonymous with Trainsong don’t even seem to effect the people of Trainsong.

“You still have the dealers and the tweakers, and they’re still gonna be here no matter what” just by its nature Trainsong will most likely have people like this as long as the trains run and there are bridges to sleep under.
“some people seem to think it’s a drug town, and it isn’t, although there are a lot of homeless” said Benson.

Mary Benson did some things she would like to see, that in her opinion could help the image of the neighborhood “just more higher end shops to bring people in. Police patrols aren’t the problem”

The clerks, baristas and bartenders of Trainsong love their customers. Although they do see some problems that plague the area. Though they do see a bright future for the neighborhood.

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