Cal Young and Harlow Residents Pleased

The Cal Young and Harlow area has plenty to offer without many drawbacks. Businesses and residents of the growing area have few complaints about their neighborhood and enjoy the close proximity to the University of Oregon and the Duck events.

The Sheldon Community Center is located next to Sheldon High School and offers many different programs such as baby-sitting and tai chi. Kevin Leonard, behavioral specialist at the Community Center said, “It’s a friendly area,” but “a big negative here is there’s no diversity out in this area. It’s not diverse at all.” Mali Joiner, a pre-school teacher at Sheldon Community Center, says the lack of diversity is because the community is “economically higher-standing.” Gayle Martinez, the office coordinator at Sheldon Community Center, does feel that there is some diversity due to the low income housing in the area and the life skills classes offered at Sheldon High School, but agrees with her colleagues and said, “as far as ethnicity [there is] no diversity at all.”

The developing area does have plenty to offer. Coburg Road is a booming business community that offers everything from shopping to dining. Nicki Stone, the recreational leader at Sheldon Community Center, said, “anything you need is in this area. So that’s a plus because you don’t have to go too much further to get stores and post offices and what you need.”

With the businesses on Coburg Road, comes traffic. Victoria Palmer, worker at Oh My Dog! Pet Salon on Coburg Road, says, “the traffic tends to make it really difficult for people to get to us.” Overall Palmer enjoys the area and attributes much of their business to the prime location on Coburg Road. Oh My Dog! Pet Salon has been on Coburg Road going on three years now, and Palmer says, “it’s worth it because it’s a busy area with a lot of customers but its definitely the highest place in town as far as rent for a retail space goes.”

Garden Way Church is located on North Garden Way and Aerin Stebnicki said that “the traffic [on N Garden Way] is totally fine except game days.” Her coworker, Genny Snow, that lives on the same street disagrees and said “it does get busy though, there’s lots of traffic and it’s really hard to get out of my street sometimes at busy times of the day, but the good weighs out the bad.” The church finds the college community a great place for worship because the “students bring a lot of energy and excitement and ideas, so that’s a great benefit for our church.”

Overall the community seems to be enjoyed by residents and business owners. It does have its downsides, just like any neighborhood, but everyone seems to agree that there are more pros than cons in the Cal Young and Harlow area. Leonard said, ““It’s pretty accessible around here,” and “there’s a lot of room for growth out in this area also,” which differs from other parts of Eugene, “so there’s a lot of growth that could be done and probably will be done in the next ten years or so.”

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