Twitter Land of the Comedian

Twitter is the perfect resource for any comedian. Whether it is used to promote shows, let fans know about podcast releases, or just to post a witty comment it was built for them. As a result there are thousands of comedians on twitter to suit all tastes.

For those with a taste for comedy news there is A special thing’s twitter. The comedy website has made its goal to post about anyone who is funny and has a premiere or tour coming up.

If you are more interested in the festival circuit there are twitters for you as well. For the latest news on performers, shows and venues there are as many twitters as festivals. Upcoming  festival in Portland, Ore. Bridgetown Comedy Festival has a active twitter that is great for those who want to know what shows are going on now.







Bridgetown will be going from April 21 to April 24 this year. and feature acts like Andy Dick, Whitest Kids You Know, and many local acts.

Stand-ups may be the best twitters on the planet, and some of the best of these are the ones with podcasts. They a fun to follow just on the merits of being comedians, but are also nice to follow since most will post when episodes drop and who the guest is. Also If said podcast has a live taping twitter may be one of the only ways to find-out about the tapping and how to be in the audience.

Doug Benson is one of America most popular stand-ups today. He has been at it since he was 22, and has the rare honor of being the number 2 and number 1 pot comic in America according to High Times Magazine. He will be in Eugene April 21 at WOW hall. Benson’s show Doug Loves Movies is available weekly and the first season is near the top of the comedy chart on iTunes.















Host of the Nerdist podcast and purveyor of the website by the same name Chris Hardwick’s career is on the rise. Having started his career as the co-host of MTV’s Singled Out, Hardwick has evolved into one of America’s funniest comedians and is now the host of G4’s Web Soup. With Co-hosts Matt Mira and Jonah Ray twice a week interview a spectrum of guests from comedians to authors and even pornstars. One episode a week is “hostful” meaning it is just the three hosts talking to each other.Chris through his twitter will post about shows, tech , nerd culture and just funny thoughts on his twitter.











Marc Maron has been a great comedian for years and has finally found his audience with his show WTF with Marc Maron he has a dual twitter @Marcmaron and @wtfpod. Marc Maron is his personal twitter although there is overlap from @wtfpod which posts show info for WTF podcast. He has a slight coffee addiction.



















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