Top SF Giants Tweeters

1. Let’s start from the source! The San Francisco Giants’ official Twitter account (@sfgiants) tweets important plays during the game. The Giants also tweet behind-the-scenes pictures from the field or clubhouse.

2. Andrew Baggarly (@extrabaggs) is the Giants beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News. Out of all the Giants reporters, I think his tweets are the most interesting. He goes past the score and the important plays to tweet about the more nuanced aspects of the game.

3. Henry Schulman (@hankschulman) is the Giants beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Schulman tweets quotes from players before games and about important plays during the game.

4. @SF_Giants is run by a Giants season ticketholder and tweets from a fan’s point of view. This unofficial Twitter captures how all the fans are feeling through funny hashtags and running jokes.

5. Last but not least, Brian Wilson (@brianwilson38) is the Giants’ closer. Let’s face it: the dude’s weird. Aside from his pitching, he is known for his gigantic beard that he dyes black. His tweets are absurd and amusing, and they capture his personality perfectly. He tweets just like he talks.

Many of these Tweeters seem similar because they all tweet updates during games, but one play can be tweeted about in so many different ways. Each tweet gives you a different tidbit about the game and you put them all together, your Twitter feed will give you well-rounded coverage of the Giants. You won’t miss anything!

Just for kicks, check out @BeardofBrian and @RomosBeard. Each fan-created Twitter account tweets as if they are the actual beards on Brian Wilson and Sergio Romo’s faces. The Giants have Twitter accounts that are just as quirky and absurd as the team itself.

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